1.  When you arrive, please enter through the side door (facing Elm Street). There will be a sign on the door indicating that it is the computer lab entrance. If you aren’t sure where to enter, please all 812-934-4706 for guidance.

2.  The bathrooms will be to your right as you enter. Bathrooms will be open while the computer lab is open. There are disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer in the bathrooms. 

3.  To enter the computer lab, you will enter the kitchenette to your left and wash your hands. 

4.  Once you have washed your hands, you can enter the computer lab in the meeting rooms. There will be a staff member in the room who will tell you which computer to use. 

5.  You will have 90 minutes on the computer. The staff member in the room will give a verbal reminder when there are 10 minutes left in the appointment. No extensions will be allowed.