At their June 28, 2019 meeting in Chicago, The Society of American Magicians voted to charter the Batesville Memorial Public Library Magic Club as Assembly #Y148 of The Society of Young Magicians. The Charter, signed by 40 magicians in attendance, will be awarded to the BMPL Magic Club at a special Charter Night Celebration and Evening of Magic on Friday, October 25, starting at 6:30 p.m. at the library.

The charter event and magic show is open to the public and will feature the charter presentation and magic performed by the young magicians, as well as by visiting adult magicians. Refreshments will be served and there will be some fun surprises throughout the evening. There is no fee to attend this family-friendly event. October 25 is the first day of National Magic Week which runs through October 31.

Adult leader Mike Kruse relates that magic has many benefits for young people. “Magic is an excellent hobby for young people. Its mastery involves combining the technical execution of magic’s basic principles, along with elements of theater, stage presence, comedy, elocution, and timing. In the process of developing each magician’s personal style, magic encourages self-confidence, poise, self-esteem, and increased reading skills.” Kruse says that girls are just as interested in magic as boys, and just as talented.

The library’s magic club meetings feature performances by its members who want to show a new trick, along with instruction by an adult magician in the many facets of magic performance including cards, coins, cups and balls, rope and the use of magic props. Magicians from all over have donated magic tricks, magazines, and books to the Magic Club for the members to borrow. Each club meeting also has on hand a number of young magicians’ parents, who are just as interested in learning some of magic’s secrets as their children.

The BMPL Magic Club recently made a field trip at the invitation of Ken Klosterman to view his Salon de Magie near Cincinnati. The Salon de Magie is home to some of the finest pieces in the history of magic, including those of Robert-Houdin, Herrmann, Kellar, Houdini, Germain, and many others. The Magic Club is hoping to make a future field trip to the new Chicago Magic Lounge Family Show.