Since 1987, September has been designated as Library Card Sign-Up month.  It is the month that allows us to showcase the power of a library card.  Why is a library card important?  How does it have power?

It grants you access to stuff that you would normally pay for.  You can check out books, movies, audio books, e-books, magazines, and mobile hotspots…just to name a few.  And its all free!  True you have to return the items but it is always free to re-watch, re-listen or re-read.

Reading keeps you sharp.  Science shows reading not only lowers stress levels but can also make you smarter.  Research shows that just 6 minutes a day of reading can reduce your heart rate and relax your muscles.  And there is a connection between reading and improved memory and cognition.

The library piques your curiosity.  The library offers programming on a variety of topics.  You may discover a new interest or hobby.  You could learn about a topic you have never heard of.  Young or old it’s never too late to discover new things.

You can use your library card without leaving your house.  The library has limitless amounts of digital content that you can access within minutes with your library card.  You can check out audiobooks, e-books, or magazines.  You can access music or language lessons.  And you can access reliable resources for your school projects.

It will help you get stuff done.  You can use a public computer or copier.  You can reserve a meeting room, have a document notarized, or faxed.  You can access free wi-fi and find a quiet place to be productive without spending money for a cup of coffee and a muffin.  The library is one of the last places where you can just be without spending a dime to be there.

It’s already coming out of your paycheck.  Your public library is supported through property and local income taxes.  This awesome resource is providing so much for you and your community why not take advantage of it.

If you have never had a library card or have let your library card expire then we encourage you to visit us during the month of September.  When you sign up just bring a valid driver’s license with a current address or two of the following: a current bill, property tax statement, or apartment lease.  If you are not a resident of the Batesville library system we will help you to find your system or encourage you to purchase a non-resident card.  You will receive a coupon from the Gibson Movie Theatre for a free small drink and popcorn.  Your name will also be entered in to a drawing for a Toy Story Gift Basket.