According to the Government Printing Office, National Aviation History Month is dedicated to exploring, recognizing and celebrating America’s great contributions and achievements in the development of aviation. Aviation history refers to the history of development of mechanical flight — from the earliest attempts in kites and gliders to powered heavier-than-air, supersonic and space flights.

To celebrate, we’d like to direct your to our very own Jim Mahle Memorial Aviation Collection!

This circulating collection of fiction and non-fiction books, videos and magazines was started by Jim Mahle and Al Giesting of Batesville, Indiana, and contains materials on military, commercial and private aviation. The collection, originally called the 352nd Fighter Group Memorial Aviation Collection after the unit that fought in Europe during WWII, was renamed following the passing of our good friend, Jim Mahle, in 2013.

Other features of our aviation collection include two model P-51 Mustangs as flown by the 352 FG’s Lt. Malcolm Pickering and Lt. McDonald Godfrey, patches from the 352nd’s three squadrons, illustrations of other P-51 Mustangs from the 352nd FG, and a framed, illustrated poster and information about Major George Preddy, donated by The Preddy Memorial Foundation.

Click here to view materials in our Aviation Collection!